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Lake Level and Runoff (8/7/2022) - Was 2022 an unusual Year? As reported in our newsletter and in the press, the snowpack in the watershed as of May 1 (the date when reliable estimates of the spring-summer runoff volumes are normally prepared by the Provincial Government) was not unusual (about 107% of “normal”). The snowmelt seemed to be starting as in… Read Article
SWOA AGM 2022 (8/1/2022) - SWOA will hold it's AGM on August 24th at 7:00pm. Due to the continuing Covid situation the board has elected to hold the AGM by video conference on ZOOM. To provide a secure meeting, we are asking that any members wishing to participate to pre-register by sending an email to and include your name, waterfront location… Read Article
Register for Emergency Alerts (8/1/2022) - The CSRD has a web page where you can learn about and register for Emergency Alerts.  You can be alerted to traffic situations, weather, water quality and more.  Click here to access the CSRD web page. Read Article

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