Rezoning Proposed for Area F

Rezoning Proposed for Waterfront Property

SWOA routinely reviews the agenda, background documents and summaries of CSRD Board meetings to identify any items that could be of interest to waterfront owners. Many matters brought forward to the CSRD Board are relatively routine but once in a while we find an issue that, on its face would also seem routine but after examining the details and timing, needs to be brought to the attention of SWOA members.

Of interest to SWOA members is a proposed rezoning amendment in Electoral Area F (North Shuswap) near St. Ives (Click to view report). In essence, the property owners of a bare land strata are seeking CSRD approval for the re-zoning of a waterfront common property to allow for 18 buoys and one shared dock. The dock and buoys (the dock and 2 buoys are existing) would be located adjacent to the waterfront common property. (click here to see the attached figure). However, none of the strata lots are waterfront.

Why should this be of interest to SWOA members?

  1. Timing – the CSRD Planners have recommended that a simple consultation process be used for getting public input. However, this would occur at a time when most SWOA members would not be either at the lake or would be thinking about issues at the lake and therefore would not be aware of their opportunity to participate in the process.
  2. Based on our review, the proposed change from Foreshore Residential to Foreshore Multi-family zoning may not be consistent with the definitions included in Bylaw 900, thus potentially setting a precedent that could be applied elsewhere on the lakes.
  3. The proposed change and installation of the total of 18 buoys could affect the waterfront views and recreational use of the foreshore of adjacent property owners.

If this issue is of interest to you the following link to Bylaw 900 will be useful in helping you get more information related to the proposed changes.
Lake Zoning Bylaw No. 900


I am not supportive of the 18 buoys. The shared dock yes; temporary use only. While the slope is steep, is there any possibility of a boat launch on the property or in cooperation with the adjacent public property. Boat launches are needed not more parking spots. This would be buoy pollution like in Celista and at several other locations on the lake. SWOA should consider advocating the ban of all buoys even for waterfront owners.

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the proposal to rezone a waterfront lot in Area F near St Ives and where you could submit your comments.

The following is information provided to two of our Board members by Laura Gibson from the CSRD planning department in this regard:
Thanks for your comments Alan.
The bylaw has had first reading and was sent out for referrals to specific agencies and First Nations (listed in the Board report). You can view the Board package here:

I expect it will come back to the Board in January for second (and possibly third) reading. If successful, Horseshoe Bay Developments would be required to get a Development Permit for the proposed buoys prior to adoption of the bylaw.

There will be a notice posted on the CSRD website at least 2 weeks prior to the bylaw going back to the Board for second reading. It will include the following about where to send submissions:

Written submissions will be accepted at the CSRD office, 555 Harbourfront Drive NE, Salmon Arm, BC, until 4:00 PM on the Tuesday prior to the Board meeting. The Board of the CSRD considers the author’s name and residential address relevant to the Board’s consideration of this matter and should be included in your submission. The author’s phone number and email address are not relevant to the Board’s consideration of this matter and should not be included in the written submission.

Written submissions received by the CSRD are subject to public disclosure and a copy may be provided to the applicant. Written submissions may be submitted to: or to the address above. Please clearly write “Bylaw Amendment Submission – BL900-29F” on your submission.

The January Board meeting is on January 20th.

Please get back to us if you have any further questions comments

Clyde Mitchell, President, SWOA

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