Updated Geohazard Report

According to the CSRD there have been updates to the information on geohazards around Shuswap Lake. The site is not very user friendly, so the best way to access this information is from the CSRD press release put out in February. Click here for the website.

The links in the article take you to the “Maps and Data” section of the CSRD website (CSRD Maps webpage). You can find your specific property of interest by using the layers tool bar (Online Mapping and Property Information tab). As mentioned, this site is not very user friendly or intuitive and can take a long time to download files.

According to the news article, “Users can click the mapping layer for Hazard Mapping, view data from four separate studies and zoom in to find information on specific areas or properties”. Members can also find out if their property lies on a flood plain and how high a risk they are exposed to.

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