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Wilsey Dam in Upper Shuswap (11/5/2021) - BC Hydro to Decommission Wilsey Dam in Upper Shuswap Watershed Recently BC Hydro announced that, after many years of study, that the preferred method for re-establishing fish access to spawning grounds in the upper Shuswap River was the decommissioning of its 5.2 MW power plant and removal of Wilsey Dam (click here for BC Hydro… Read Article
Potential Changes in Water Quality from this Summer’s Wildfires (10/2/2021) - This summer there were a number of wildfires both around Shuswap and Mara Lakes (Two Mile fire near Sicamous, Hunakwa Lake and Crazy Creek fires at the head of Anstey Arm), as well as fires in the tributary watersheds (White Rock Lake fire in the Salmon River drainage, Momich Creek fire in the upper Adams… Read Article
Invasive Species Council of BC looking for volunteers (9/30/2021) - In past articles we have written about SWOA’s concerns with invasive species, specifically regarding the potential introduction of Zebra and Quagga mussels to the Shuswap Lake system. So far, the defensive measures implemented by the Province have been working to keep these two mussels at bay but we remain concerned. As well, the Province and… Read Article

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