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Riparian Area Protection Regulation (5/12/2021) - An article written on January 14, 2021 and included in the SWOA newsletter garnered a lot of attention from members.  We’ve now had a few months to see what the impacts of the changes have been.  Here’s a few examples. The way the process now works is a riparian assessment is carried out by a… Read Article
Riparian Areas Protection Regulation – A Follow-up (11/23/2020) - Following the posting of our newsletter article on this topic last month SWOA received several questions from members asking for additional information. As the answers could be of general interest to our members it was decided to draft a follow-up article on the topic. As noted in the October newsletter, the Riparian Areas Protection Regulation… Read Article
Riparian Area Protection Regulation (RAPR) (10/20/2020) - Government Riparian Area Changes Threaten Waterfront Property Rights In 2004, the province directed local government to introduce the Riparian Area Regulation through Part 14 of the Local Government Act – this was to avoid any claims of expropriation as Section 529 and 532 have been tested in countless court precedents.  The CSRD introduced Riparian Areas… Read Article

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