About SWOA

Membership as of August 1st, 2021: More than 1350 members
Representing 568 properties

Our Mission Statement

To communicate with, and advocate for the rights of, waterfront property owners with the goal of protecting the lakeshore environment and fostering respect for, and quiet enjoyment of, all beachfront areas on the Shuswap and surrounding lakes.

Did you know...

  • An estimated 75% of waterfront owners are not full time residents of their waterfront properties and spend an average of only two months in the Shuswap

  • Most waterfront owners therefore are unaware of new developments which affect their properties or laws which are enacted without their knowledge or input

  • Actions taken in their absence may affect their riparian rights, their quality of vacationing life and their property values

  • Over $10 million dollars in property taxes are paid annually by waterfront property owners

Our Goal is to...

  • Represent all areas of the Shuswap, Mara and Little Shuswap

  • Be a strong and united voice to ensure that our rights be preserved and respected when dealing with government at all levels

  • Work constructively with government and other local groups to promote our views

  • Communicate monthly with members about important and upcoming issues relevant to Waterfront Owners

  • Provide timely discussions and the ability for all members to voice opinions on topics of interest in order to develop unified positions on issues

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