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Invasive Species Council of BC looking for volunteers (9/30/2021) - In past articles we have written about SWOA’s concerns with invasive species, specifically regarding the potential introduction of Zebra and Quagga mussels to the Shuswap Lake system. So far, the defensive measures implemented by the Province have been working to keep these two mussels at bay but we remain concerned. As well, the Province and… Read Article
Invasive Species (7/8/2021) - Invasive Species Provincial App You have heard SWOA talking about invasive Zebra and Quagga mussels and Asian clams and this risk for their introduction to Shuswap Lake. Asian clams have been introduced to the lake and have been observed near Canoe and Sunnybrae on the Salmon Arm of the lake. Monitoring work will be continuing… Read Article
Lake Levels and Snow Pack (6/10/2021) - June 9, 2021 The Provincial River Forecast Centre has issued their June 1, 2021 Snow Survey and Water Supply Bulletin. This bulletin (click here for bulletin) provides information for the whole of the Province and indicates that the average of all measurements across B.C. increased slightly to 107% (May 15th; 103%) in the later half… Read Article

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